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Using A X-Rite ColorChecker Passport


  • Show Gridlines: On.
  • Grid Layout: 3x3.
  • Gridlines Color: Gray.
  • File Name: On.
  • Exif Data: On.
  • Histogram: On.
  • Rotate Live View: On.
  • Electronic Level: On.


  • Auto View Images: On.
  • 200% Live View Zoom: On.
  • Mirror Up: Off. The mirror needs to be off to work with live-view on a Canon camera.
  • Classic Focus Stacking: Off.


  • Cache Size: 10GB.


  • Connect to the CamRanger Mini Wifi on the iPad.
  • Displaying high resolution images requires a lot of device RAM. If the amount of available RAM is low, then poor performance or crashes may occur. Restarting the iPad/iPhone will make more RAM available.
  • Any camera WiFi connectivity and built-in camera sharing must be disabled.
  • Note that overlays such as histogram or focus peaking can reduce the live view frame rate.
  • For Canon cameras, a yellow button will appear at the top left of the Capture button. This button is the equivalent of performing a “half-press” of the camera’s shutter button. This is useful for getting auto focus and determining the camera’s exposure metering. If the camera’s exposure mode is set to manual, the exposure meter will briefly show the exposure level.

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