DAVID ARONSON is an FAA-rated drone pilot (fully insured with FAR Part 107 specialty waivers) for aerial photography and videography. He is also a ground-based photographer specializing in real estate, headshot, event photography.


I’m a self-made billionaire inventor, I’ve worked at NASA and raced in Formula One. I have explored 8 continents including Atlantis. Won 3 Nobel prizes, a Pulitzer, and People magazine’s sexiest man alive 2 years running. I’m currently working on developing cold fusion reactors that will provide free clean, sustainable energy to all mankind for centuries into the future...Oh...and I also take photos in my spare time.

At least that's how I wish my biography would read - LoL!

David Aronson
Photographer & Manager

The truth is that my name is David Aronson and I am a commercial pilot based out of  Fort Lauderdale, Florida...Oh...and I also take photos in my spare time. I have a science degree in engineering, and my photography skills have been refined over the years by regularly learning the latest techniques from leading experts in photography and image editing. It would be fair to say that photography is my life-long passion.

My photos have been sold as wall-art in both commercial properties and personal residences, and have been featured in local television (WPLG News Miami), internet media (, newspapers (Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post) and magazines (Gold Coast and Pines Miramar Town Times).

I consider myself lucky enough to have had a highly colorful career path to achieve my childhood dreams. From driving school buses and limos, to teaching windsurfing, sailing and flying, I went on to high-focus flying jobs as an Alaskan bush pilot, Grand Canyon tour pilot, flying for a major airline, and finally transporting VIP’s all over the globe in private jets. I have even had the opportunity of experiencing life aboard a variety of large yachts as both the Captain and First Mate. Because I had to create my own opportunities in life, you will see that I have a strong sense of responsibility and my creative-eye stays on target.

I also believe in giving back to the community. Personal projects have included photographing pets for Humane Societies to aid in animal welfare and adoption programs in Saint Louis, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. In addition, I have worked as a photographer for Learning for Success and KAPOW (Kids And the Power of Work - US National Child Labor Committee).

Have a great day!

David Aronson
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