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I'm David Aronson, the Fort Lauderdale based photographer behind PhotoGuy.Com; specializing in architectural, commercial, real estate photography and videography. I help architects, home stagers, interior decorators and real estate agents harness the power of visual marketing to showcase properties, attract better-quality leads, and grow their businesses.


PhotoGuy.Com was born out of a single vision; to rid the MLS of the horrible listing photos that we all have seen, and to revolutionize the way that real estate listings are shown online. Photos taken with low-quality cameras or cell phones are no longer acceptable to the home buyers of today. With our ever changing technology and extensive knowledge of the market’s needs, I can produce a product that not only looks great but is also affordable. My highest priority is my client's satisfaction and I strive to build that relationship every day.


I have been shooting pictures and editing videos since I was a kid when film ruled the world. Today digital photography and videography have grown exponentially and demands that the photographer learn the latest techniques for shooting and developing. I have a science degree in engineering, and my photography & videography skills have been refined over the years by regularly learning the latest techniques from leading national & international experts in the visual arts. To keep up with the latest artistic and professional standards, I am an active member of American Society of Media Photographers and National Association of Photoshop Professionals.


My images have been sold as wall-art in both commercial properties and personal residences, and have been featured in local television (WPLG News Miami), internet media (Examiner.com), newspapers (Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post) and magazines (Gold Coast and Pines Miramar Town Times).



Let’s talk lighting. Lighting is the core of what makes a photo great. But there’s a catch. Modern cameras cannot capture the broad range of light our eyes can. To compensate, I combine the best aspects of natural and artificial light to produce an image that pops, yet still maintains a natural look. Sometimes that requires a single, creatively placed light—or no lights at all. Other times, there’s significantly more work involved manipulating multiple exposures, up to 7 strobes, and dozens of images. I pride myself on having an incredible attention to detail when on-site and during post-processing.


With PhotoGuy.Com you are working directly with the one photographer. I never contract-out, so my skill-set and high-end equipment keep providing one standard: magazine-quality images. If you book me for your next project, expect a casual, friendly environment while I’m on site photographing. Although I am a consummate professional when it comes to meeting client expectations, arriving early, and fulfilling my obligations, I keep the environment comfortable. There may be music and there may be food (if we are photographing all day).


I firmly believe that when your going to do something, do it right the first time! I feel the same with photography. Use the proper tool to get the best results.

Canon 5D MKIV Cameras: This camera has a full-frame sensor which creates incredible detail and resolution. I use several of these very expensive cameras - one is setup for photos and the other is setup for video. That means less time on scene making camera setting changes and lets you relax knowing that there is backup gear if technical issues come up. This camera is very popular with architectural photographers and cinema-photographers.

Canon Tilt-Shift Lenses: These are the Gold-Standard in the architectural and real estate photography industry. They are not cheap, but they provide the largest possible distortion-free image. Let me explain why a Tilt-Shift is used. When you attach 99% of wide angle lenses to a camera (the Tilt-Shift is that remaining 1%), you create perspective distortion (e.g., curved walls and super-wide refrigerators). The only way to fix this image is with software. Imagine a piece of rubber with a house logo printed on it. If you pull the sides the of the piece of rubber, the walls of the house bulge out and the door or window get wider. This is exactly what a wide angle lens does to a real home. Photographers can fix this with software by pinching or stretching the image until the perspective is "repaired". The problem is that now the image is no longer rectangular, and a lot of the edge detail must be cropped due to the reshaping of the photo. Which is ironic as the wide-angle lens was used to capture more detail near the edges...and now a lot of it was cut out of the photo. Fortunately, a Tilt-Shift lens avoids all this software tweaking and produces the widest possible distortion-free image - in the camera. This is why I invested in Tilt-Shift lenses; for the largest possible distortion-free image.

Profoto Studio Lighting: Great time, expense and care is spent sourcing the finest building and interior design materials and installing them. Its my job to ensure the color in the photographs meticulously matches the color of the spaces being photographed. These wireless lights fill in the dark shadowed areas and balance out the variations in color temperatures produced from today's in-home lightbulbs (e.g., fluorescent, LED, incandescent, etc). Sometimes I don't need any studio lighting, and other times I may use anywhere from 1 to 7 to fix the colors or fill in the shadows. This lighting is also great for new headshots on your business cards too!

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone: This drone is incredibly small yet produces some astonishing aerial footage that just wasn't possible 10 years ago. Even a helicopter, as expensive as they are, can't get as close and personal as a drone. This particular drone can fly up to 18,000 feet, fly out to 5 miles and cruise along at 55 mph. None of this is practical or legal, but the point is that drones are the future and highly capable in skilled hands.

David Aronson: Speaking of skilled hands, the equipment is only as good as the photographer behind the lens. With my technical background, training and expertise I can add a lot of value to your visual marketing needs.

If you'd like to see my extensive equipment list, you will find that here: My Gear.


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