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Ok here’s a concept shot. I had an idea, then I had to figure out how to execute it. I used no Photoshop trickery or “smoke and mirror” to create the image. Basically you need the following:

1. A diamond ring or just a ring. A woman’s diamond ring is more difficult to cast the shape due to the diamond, so keep that in mind. In other words, it is easier with just a round ring (men’s wedding band).

2. Two flashlights. Personally I used my iPhone’s flash set as a flashlight. I held it from above to add sparkle and reflection to the diamond ring. A second flashlight was used to cast the shadow.

3. An old book to cast the rings shadow onto.

The book was placed on the floor and I shot from above. I was shooting in a very dark room so no stray colors or light interfered with my shot. Because it is dark, I raised the ISO up to 640.

I wanted to make sure that the image wasn’t blurry…so I went with a medium depth of field…say f/7.1.

Again I didn’t want to blur the image so I set the shutter speed to 1/60 of a second. That’s as slow as I know I can go and get a sharp image 99.9% of the time.

That’s it! So it wasn’t high tech, but you can see what a little creativity and ingenuity can do. I enhanced the edging and fixed the white-balance in Lightroom…so how did I actually take the shot? Very carefully (grin).

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