Today we are going to look into creating abstracts with an iPhone, but the technique discussed applies to all automatic style point-and-shoot cameras.

Now my photo is no work of art as it was just quickly snapped with my iPhone, but I wanted to share the idea without getting kicked out (grin). It would make a nice gift…something to do with all those photos that you have on your computer’s hard-drive and don’t know what to do with. Or you could even buy some photos (wink).


Have twenty five 4×6 prints matted and framed, then hang them on a wall as if they were all “a part of the big picture”. To take it to a different level of visual interest, how about keeping all the photos in one theme such as “black and whites” or “similar color saturations”. This could be an interesting display of your travels, kids, or family. Here is a nice example I clicked with my iPhone. Be creative; have some fun!

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