KAPOW kids were arrested! Who will post bail? What on earth would get a student arrested from Pembroke Pines FSU Charter Elementary School?! Well, actually it’s a little late for April Fool’s Day…the day didn’t go down like this…thank goodness.

Pembroke Pines Police Department invited the KAPOW kids to come tour their facility, and what a tour it was. Officer Clarence Wilson and Officer Rick Lebel were the primary tour guides. One of the students volunteered to be the arrested student, and “Pembroke Pines’ Finest” took him through his mock booking. He was finger printed, his booking photo taken, then it was off to jail. Later, we were all shown the facilities and met some of the law enforcement officers and staff. Officer Clarence Wilson and Officer Rick Lebel brought the kids to the Citizens Police Academy and talked about some of their equipment that they carry on their belt. It was a great opportunity for the officers to educate the students about gun safety and that guns are not toys.

Outside we were treated to Officer Rick Lebel explaining about the scuba equipment they used in rescues and discussed bicycle safety with the kids. Then came out the most exciting stuff. Officers Jim Gort and Chris Caposo gave a first-hand look at the Pembroke Pines S.W.A.T. trucks, gear and equipment.

I thought the tour was very well done and the guides were very interactive with the kids; not only did the presentation educate the students about the career opportunities in law enforcement, but also the students received important life safety lessons from  authority figures in treating guns with respect and adhering to safety requirements.   I cannot speak highly enough of these officers and the splendid tour they gave to the kids.

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