Hey here is a scary situation for you photographers! Darkness, kids, and candy…now that is a mixture for a lot of fuzzy photos. Ok so let’s get down to it…Rosie and I are out with the kids for Halloween. “Trick or Treat…Happy Halloween!”


I didn’t have a tripod so I knew the slowest I could handhold this shot was 1/30s…so I went with 1/60s just to be safe. I had the 56mm prime lens on, so I had to back away to fit the frames and focus was critical…especially when you consider the very, very shallow focus zone. With the f-stop set to f1.2 to let in a lot of light and I had to bump the ISO to 2500 to properly expose this photo. Simple enough. Right? Well you try to get kids to sit still when there is candy involved!

Now lets complicate the setup. I wanted some fill flash. I didn’t want the kids to look evil with the “red-eye” effect, so off-camera flash was how I eliminated this problem. I used a portable flashlight to assist the camera’s focus. The flash was set to fire TTL…the problem was this was blow-out city (too much light ruining the night effect). So I switched the flash to manual and dialed it WAY down so you get a little eye reflection to make them sparkle.

Honestly I think their eyes sparkled due to the candy, not my flash.

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