This is where we got stuck in the tall grass when our captain decided he would take a shortcut in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. Let me just say that I was not the Captain for those that are wondering…and this was in “wild” portion of the Amazon Jungle. As if there is anything other than a “wild” portion of the Amazon Forest.

I am emphasizing this because as we contemplated how we were going to get out of this situation, it occurred to me that there really wasn’t anyone to come get us. The Amazon really is wild!

So before we could free ourselves by rocking the boat back and forth and clearing the prop, I decided to take this shot. Thankfully it wasn’t our last (grin).

“Shortcut!” There’s a word you don’t want to hear someone say in the middle of nowhere…


The sun was going down.

Because the boat was moving right before this shot I had 1/125 of a second set on the shutter speed to help freeze up the scene. I also had f/16 set for a wide Depth of Field. Because there was still plenty of light I was still able to to keep the ISO at 50. Honestly, the camera was already setup…so once we got stuck…I didn’t do too much with the camera settings as we had bigger problems on hand. If I had more time I may have reduced the shutter speed to 1/60s and maybe got to f22 for a bigger Depth of Field.

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