I am literally in the Amazon Jungle and we have some photos and experiences to share. First, I should point out that the Amazon Rainforest is everything that I thought it would be. It is very wild…very remote…and very unique. We paid a guide to take us off the beaten path and into the rainforest by small boat.

The first thing you notice is how easy it is to breathe our here. The smells…and how quiet it is. Once you sit in one place for awhile…the birds start to sing and animals can be spotted, but you have to be patient.

It was the time of the year where the rainforest was flooded…and I really wanted to see a Jaguar or a Boa Constrictor but we just didn’t have enough time to see these critters. Off the Amazon river…we ventured into some smaller, narrower water routes. This is where you go if you want to see what it’s really like out here. No tourists…except us. It is here that we were able to spot up close  a very elusive pink dolphin. Yes, there is such a thing. Fortunately one of the locals came out to hand-feed these mammals and I elected not to get in with the pink dolphins. They wanted up to pet and feed them, but clearly I was reminded that they were wild animals when one clamped down on the head of the other dolphin while they competed for dinner. Besides which…piranhas were in these waters. I wasn’t willing to test the theory that they won’t bother us. Yes I’m yellow…hahaha.

By the way...If you really want to stay in a hotel that is truly unique, skip staying in Manaus. Instead, they have hotels that are in the middle of the rainforest that are VERY remote and unique. That is how we would do it in the future. Imagine being above the forest canopy (above the treeline) with a clear view of the sunset with a glass of red in hand?! What an experience that would be, and is high on my list of things to do in the rainforest; stay overnight. That’s when you really hear the birds…once the sun goes down.

Later on the way home we got stuck in the tall grass, so I took the opportunity to use the grass as a foreground photo opportunity. After about 30 minutes of trying to rock the boat free, unclog the grass wrapped around the prop, finally the boat broke free of the grass and we were able to get back to the fish camp prior to sunset. Shortcuts…haaaa! I'm glad we didn't have to spend the night there! Before we could call it a day, we had that long drive back into "civilization".

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