Here’s how I ended my year: Little Bay, Sint Maarten by the Dutch of the southern end of the island. The French in the North refer to the island as Saint Martin. Yeah I know, “I say ‘toe-may-toe’ and you say ‘toe-mah-toe’!” Anyhow, here is the map…

[nwm_map id=”2″]

This is a picture off of my balcony at my hotel. Yeah I know, I didn’t stray too far did I!? I wasn’t really interested in breaking out the photography equipment. After all I was relaxing listening to the waves breaking on the beach sipping a scotch feeding some stray kittens my salad that I didn’t eat for dinner. I didn’t know cats would eat a salad, but I suppose I would too if I was hungry enough!

You can’t see it, in this photo, but in the other photos that are linked at the bottom of the page, you can see the glow of city lights from the islands of the Lesser Antilles (i.e., Saba, Sint Eustatius, Saint Kitts, Nevis, etc).

By the time I finally went to sleep I was woken up by 2 cats fighting with a big male Tom-Cat in the early hours. Is this what they call “Karma”? So much for a good deed (grin).


So while the cats eat…I went and dug out a Really Right Stuff tripod and ballhead out of my bag. I pulled out the 23mm lens (35mm equivalent) and a shutter release for the long exposure I was about to capture.

I started by opening the aperture wide open at f/1.4 to let a lot of light in. I would be hand-holding without a tripod, so 1/60 of a second was an obvious selection. Any slower in this dim lighting and the blur would ruin the image. With the ISO at 200…well that was too low so I set it about 600 and peaked at the light meter.

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