This week's photo is of the Tower Bridge in London, England. Let's not confuse the Tower Bridge for the London Bridge. I was guilty of this confusion until I first saw the difference. The current London Bridge...well just looks like a modern day bridge...nothing to exciting to be honest. But The Tower Bridge is a very recognizable feature of the Downtown London skyline.

And this is a part of the problem. Look at all the people clicking photos from the same place. It's a iconic symbol of London, so everybody's photo starts to look identical. After all, we are all shooting from the same location with some variation in lighting and clouds! Here's my "common" version BELOW.

So I like to observe where everybody else is taking their shots? Then I try to find something different. I actually took this photo from a double-decker bus as we drove on it. "Well here is an interesting look of symmetry", I thought. I had the camera set for a deep depth of field (f14) so more of the photo was in focus and I wanted to balance the foreground (bridge) and background (clouds). So to do this, I needed to adjust my shutter speed to reduce the blur. I could only do 1/180s because my camera is limited with the ISO at 200. So it makes it simple if you understand a look you are after. I like both photos, but it is always fun to try to find a "new" look of those popular tourist spots.

Notice below, that I even waited for the double-decker bus to cross...hahahaha. With the shot below my settings are very different from the photo above. I used a different lens because the bridge was not close and I wanted a shallow depth of field to make the bridge "pop" or stand out. So to do that, I set the aperture to f2 and the ISO to 200 ("bright" daylight) and the shutter speed had to be 1/4000s. No tripods needed here!

Here's a tip...if you are looking for another location to capture something different of the Tower Bridge...I would suggest scouting out the area on foot near the bottom right of the lower photo. Where the right side of the bridge touches land. I didn't have much time to look around, but next time I am in London I will get a night HDR shot from that area.

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