Finding time for myself in Budapest, Hungary was difficult but I managed to produce both time and photos.

I am a fan! I love this city! Now that you know how I feel, let me tell you why. The architecture is to die for, the city is very walkable, it also has great city transportation (trains, cabs, light rail, subway, electric trolley cars), history, and for those single guys out there…the women were like super-models! I’m not kidding…

At night, this city comes alive with people everywhere! In the dark the city comes alive. With ghostly lights from the electric trolley cars, to the neon signs, to the amber building lights. And the Danube River is perfect for seeing the city with beautiful reflections off the water. It is a very romantic place, which is why I will definitely be sharing this place with my girlfriend Rosie on vacation in either the spring or fall 2015. I liked it that much and I hope she does too!


I didn’t have a tripod so I knew the slowest I could handhold this shot was 1/30s…so I went with 1/60s just to be sure. I had the f-stop set to f2.5 to let in a lot of light and a little bit of depth. I had to bump the ISO to 3200 to properly capture enough light to expose this photo. That’s what gives the electric trolley car that magical look. Simple enough. Right?

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