I had 4 days to wander about Nice, France. So I had plenty of time to get some exercise walking and exploring with my camera. It’s nice just to people watch here…espresso in hand…and enjoying the bit of sun that was warming me up.¬†Does anyone actually dislike Europe?


I didn’t have a tripod and I wanted to pick up the reflections off the water from the ground. A long exposure would work best for this idea. I knew the slowest I could handhold this camera without blur was 1/30s…so that’s what I did. f16 was required to get that long exposure which is great because for increased depth of field. How did I know? I guessed. Hahahahaha and I used the camera’s light meter to confirm. ISO 200 was the lowest I could go without putting a light filter in front of the lens.

I don’t take a lot of photos…so once the camera is set…I wait. I’m waiting for the best composition. In this case, I was waiting for the best mix of kids playing in the water and adults creating a short-cut. When capturing people walking try to wait until their heels touch before clicking the shot. The result is a more interesting view of people moving and giving separation between their legs avoiding the “tree-stump” look.

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