I had more time in Nice, France. So here are some photos to share.

As I walked along the beach there were a lot of Europeans from the North (i.e., London, Berlin, Copenhagen, etc.). It struck me as interesting how different cultures do things different at the beach. Americans sit on the beach with a cooler, Brazilians play and exercise on the beach, and Europeans do this…sit in proper chairs observing the beach and soaking in the sun. Funny, huh? I just loved the symmetry and the social qualities of the closely grouped chairs with strangers next to couples. They were all so quiet, deep in thought and the only noises were the wind, waves, and car traffic behind me (grin).


It was bright out so ISO was set to as low as it will go: 200. I didn’t want a focus zone that was real shallow or too deep, so f5.6 was a good place to start. In order to properly expose the shot, I had to go with a shutter speed of 1/2000s. Later I added some grain to the image and did some light cropping. Voilà!

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