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What does it feel like to push a car to the edge? Better yet, how will I feel pushing a car to the ragged edge?! These were the questions that I wanted to address. The BMW Performance Driving School is the perfect place to learn the same skill sets that professional drivers work on every day. Come along for the ride...you'll see how to optimize the M car's attitude to the conditions and road at hand. You and I will become a smoother drivers for it! After all, power is nothing if we can't handle it. So come along for a ride as we take the M6 out for a spin; all 500 HP's roaring from a V-10 . . . argh argh argh!

Credits: The raw video footage was provided by BMW and the photos were provided by BMWblog.Com, who was doing an article on the BMW Performance Driving School. I put it all together and shortened the day significantly to make the video brief.

Notes:This is a video done for fun and it is free for your personal use. It will play on your computer (PC or Mac) and even on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch . . . automatically.

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