Finding good music for your next video production can be difficult in terms of both sourcing music you like and is also copyright free so as you can post it up online.

Using copyright and royalty free music is especially important if you are producing videos for a client who is posting it up on Youtube or the public domain.

So here is a list of popular websites that I have found best for getting copyright free music for video productions (make sure you read their terms and license conditions to see if they are suitable for your project):

  • - This is my goto source for getting music. High-quality tunes come at a higher price but this will help keep the viewers interested in my opinion. There is also an iPhone app that is handy for reviewing and then picking music on the fly for an upcoming project.
  • - You pay per tack and the prices are very reasonable. I will often filter my search results when looking for music by BPM (Beats Per Minute) of 90-110 when looking for tracks for Real Estate videos.
  • - A popular source for music, it also has a Youtube subscription license you can use as much music as you like and is popular with YouTubers and has a more “modern” style of music.
  • - Youtube actually have an ok copyright free music library, I haven't had a whole lot of success there but its an easy and free option.
  • - Popular with indie and docs video producers.
  • - A subscription service with a good selection of tracks.
  • - A newer website but looks good with a subscription based service.
  • - A long running site with both pay and free music from Kevin Mcleod.

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