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Commercial Photography for your business location or agency can be shot to showcase your workspace for Google Business or your website. I can also do product shots too!


My professional photographs look stunning while still achieving a natural look.


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Commercial photos is the creation of images used for businesses in selling or promoting brands or products. Also called lifestyle imagery, business photography, commercial photography, or drone photography is all available with PhotoGuy.com


Showcase your business, location, or agency with commercial photography, expert professional photos for Google business, your website, print, and social media. Whether it’s product shops, locations, homes, drone photography on corporate buildings and businesses, or that specific shot you’re looking for, PhotoGuy.com offers expert professional photographs that not only look stunning, but still achieve a natural look.


Ready to take your business to the next level? Consider professional business photography for business cards, mailers, advertisement, print, online, and anywhere you want your business to shine. My photography freezes a moment in time and can be highlighted, customized, Photoshop, tweaked, and manipulated to create powerful marketing tools.

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Commercial and advertising photography are slightly different. As well as advertising photography are both used for promotional purposes rather than preserving memory as in fine art or photojournalism. However, commercial photography is typically of buildings, models, product, merchandise, or landscapes use for promotional purposes in books, advertisements, online and in catalogs. Advertising photography is used to capture a mood, emotion, or feeling that a product may elicit. Sometimes they are used interchangeably but both can be achieved depending on the type of response warranted.


When looking for business and commercial photography in the Fort Lauderdale and surrounding communities, contact PhotoGuy.com. Expert commercial photography, drone and aerial photos, business cards, flyers, mailers, and all online photography professionally available and expertly created.

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