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Your Corporate headshot or business portrait, headshot, or photo not only is the professional gateway to who you are and your business, but stands as a statement of your competence, respectability, and expertise in your business or industry. The demand for corporate and business headshot has always been extremely high and making that first impression could make or break your business.


Now if you need some pointers for your corporate headshots, may I recommend reading my Tips For Awesome Headshots.

Whether it’s a professional individual headshot, corporate photography, corporate events photography, or any other personal headshot or body shot for social media, print marketing, or on the website, reliability and expertise are the backbone of my business.


Corporate head shots are slightly different than regular head shots. Corporate versions are simpler and more formal. Corporate head shots typically show the face of a person in a semi-close up layout. These can be used for resumes, portfolios, company requirements, press releases, newsletters, or annual reports.


Before setting up the corporate headshot, I would like to have a meeting with you or your clients. Let’s discuss the project or shoot and give you a heads up on what is expected. I discussed the mood you want to create as well as the background, lighting, and final product. I manipulate the subject’s position, engage softer lighting, and allow your employees and employers to stand out as strong and confident. Whether it's black and white, softer tones, or full on color, your corporate head shots will provide the professionalism your company needs to succeed.


Headshots will be shot indoors at my studio and outdoors with an "aerial" view of Lauderdale By The Sea or the Beach as a background.

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