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This was the first day of the bike ride. We picked up our motorcycles, made some adjustments, then off we went. We start down the road for a brief stop in Monte Carlo (Monaco) before heading into the foothills of the Alps. We end the day with an unplanned over-night in Sospel (France) due to running low on fuel (the village ran out of fuel too) and the approaching rain.

Video Introduction: We are friends. We are both captains by trade; I operate private jets, and Robert runs yachts. It was time for us both to take a little break; a little time to unwind. Motorcycles aren't just for street, or the dirt. But riding and exploring. Riding is how you get lost. Exploring is the desire to get lost. We took turns leading through the Western European Alps with no particular plan, but to get lost in the moment. It takes a few things to turn a ride into an adventure. Like losing yourself on a map, but finding out where you are. This is just what we needed. We would meet in Nice, France; I would fly from Fort Lauderdale, and Robert would fly from Istanbul. The first 2 days in Nice would be for jet-lag recovery and preparation. Then we would have 7 days for riding. In the end, we explored the back-roads of: France, Monaco, Italy, and Switzerland.

Notes: For reference, I'm wearing the silver helmet, & Robert has the black helmet. Try to watch these videos in sequence as this provides a logical progression of the trip. This is a video done for fun & it is free for your personal use.

The Alps