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Drone photos and videos offer potential buyers a unique perspective of a property’s location. Even if the property does not have an ocean view, it is still great to see the surrounding neighborhood; such as the local park, school or shopping center. Aerial images make you stand out from your real estate competition too!



Aerial drone photography is the newest innovation in real estate staging and listing photos. Aerial photography with a drone has proven to attract more attention from buyers than still life photos. Having aerial photography with a drone showcase and enhance your property means that buyers will be able to see the entire footprint of the property, not just at ground level. Aerial drone photography has become extremely popular in the Florida and Fort Lauderdale area due to the beautiful beaches, lakes and neighborhood parks.


It’s important to hire a professional drone operator to offer either still photos or a video. Price is typically based on location and required photos. Having a professional drone photographer means you won’t need to worry about licensing, registering or even FAA Drone Authorizations. I handle all of this on your behalf.


My professional drone photography services can provide stunning aerial footage with images, videos, and panoramic shots. We want to showcase your residential property from a unique perspective and aerial photography is ideal for showcasing surrounding neighborhoods, larger properties, and providing context to nearby features, homes, neighborhoods, and amenities.


PhotoGuy.com offers highly custom residential real estate videography, voiceovers, 3-D graphics, neighborhood features, and still shots. My drones are flown by me; a professional pilot trained with experience in aerial photography.


Whether it’s residential or commercial, video or stills, aerial drone real estate photography is the next step in luxury real estate marketing. Call PhotoGuy today to find out more information about aerial drone photography, real estate videos, and all real estate staging photography.


By hiring Photo Guy, you can eliminate the risks of operating a high-performance aerial drone and ensure that you have the best possible results. Photo Guy is a fully insured and licensed FAA commercial drone pilot.

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