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Sometimes the interior is just as important as the exterior of a home. People want to see what the inside looks like whether it is staged or not and professional real estate photography can enhance your property adding value and appeal for potential buyers.


Real estate photography is not all architectural photography even though the principles are similar. We want to entice Buyers to make a viewing appointment and appealing professional real estate photos are the best way to do that.


With professional cameras, lenses, and equipment, as well as lighting and the setting, your real estate photos will not only stand out but add value to your listing and draw more buyers and whether it’s online or in print.


Most homes are either still occupied or have been staged appropriately. I want to focus on the structure of the property including features, finishes, and anything permanent. Although furniture and pieces add to the charm and the design of the room, we don’t want to focus the buyer’s attention on those pieces but rather the home as a whole. This takes specific lighting, certain angles, and delicate highlighting. You want your home to be presented in the best possible light to grab a buyer’s attention and prompted urgency to buy.


Often, images of the first thing buyers see when viewing property and blurry, dark, or overexposed shots do a disservice to the homeowner. With professional real estate interior photography and staging you can grab the buyer’s attention immediately whether it’s online from the MLS listing, a virtual tour video, social media posting, or in print flyer.


Staging photos, highlights on the interior features, appliances, and custom finishes as well as real estate photography virtual staging all play a large part in marketing the home to the best of the agent and homeowner’s ability. Don’t miss that potential buyer by choosing amateur real estate photography. Go with the pros that know how to stage, set up, properly light, and enhance your home staging photography.


PhotoGuy will deliver professional photographs that look stunning while still achieving a natural look.

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