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Would you pay $50 to be the top listing on Zillow for comparables? That’s the only question you need to ask. It’s the most effective marketing money you can spend.



I asked Zillow executives, why real estate agents should do video? Their straight forward answer was, "Video is the way to go!...their listings will rank higher in the search results and their listings will get 2-10 times more page views on insertion than normal listings. Why would you not do it if we rank you higher?"


When your listing is at the top of Zillow listings, you will sell faster!



We are not one to take Zillow’s word for the effectiveness of videos, so we tested posting a listing with video 10 times and compared it to a similar listing without video. In each instance across the range, regardless of size, price or location, the listing with video immediately had significantly more Zillow Views, Saved Homes and Favorite activity.


OK we are sold and can’t think of a reason not to have us add this feature to your listing.



While on site we use professional gimbals and video equipment to assure steady fluid motion. As a Zillow Select Photographer we do not have to use a cell phone. Agents must use a cell phone and use the Zillow app. We do not. We also provide a degree of editing. The Zillow app does not allow editing.This level of video does not include branding, background music or narration.



The length is typically longer than the Zillow App will allow (Zillow App limits to 2 minutes). Zillow Walk through's are not intended to be high level cinematic productions, however ours exceed anything any agent can produce using their cell phone and the Zillow app.


We shoot these properties AS IS and highly recommend that the property gets cleaned and decluttered of personal items: Tips For Awesome Property Photos and Videos.

Ready to Harness the Power of Visual Marketing?