I'm David Aronson, the Fort Lauderdale based photographer behind Photo Guy LLC; specializing in South Florida real estate photography. Photo Guy helps real estate agents and brokers harness the power of visual marketing to win more listings, sell homes faster, attract better-quality leads, and grow their businesses. Are you ready to harness the power of visual marketing?


More buyers than ever are utilizing the internet to identify or eliminate potential homes. Better composed images with great lighting will always capture and hold the attention of viewers longer than poorly taken photos. Photo Guy uses gear specific to real estate photography to produce awesome photos for your marketing.

You wouldn't advise your clients to try to sell their own homes, so why would you do your own listing photography? Let Photo Guy handle your professional photography so that you can better focus on what you do best; sell homes!


Property walk-through videos allow buyers to experience the true size, layout, and flow of a home. These videos are like hosting a 24/7 open house without even lifting a finger. This means that there will be fewer wasted showings for agents, buyers, and sellers.

Remember that you are not only marketing your listing to a potential buyer, you are marketing yourself to your next client! Make your next listing stand out with videos that show you as a real estate professional with a proven plan to market your clients’ property in the most effective means possible.


Drone photos and videos offer potential buyers a unique perspective of a property’s location. Even if the property does not have an ocean view, it is still great to see the surrounding neighborhood; such as the local park, school or shopping center.

Aerial images make you stand out from your real estate competition too! By hiring Photo Guy, you can eliminate the risks of operating a high-performance aerial drone and ensure that you have the best possible results. Photo Guy is a fully licensed, insured and FAA certificated UAV Part 107 Operator.


Selected and corrected photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery within 24 hours (videos within 48 hours). Download these files at your leisure, because Photo Guy provides free, secure, off-site image storage for 6-months!

Basic selection and correction of all images are included in the rates, but advanced rates  are available at an additional cost.


Quality images are important, but so is outstanding customer service. We are reliable, on-time to a shoot, and go out of our way to make things easier for YOU.

Your job as a listing agent is difficult enough. So our goal is to help make your career easier. Think of us as a part of your sales team; your personal photographer / videographer.


Photo Guy images display the full beauty of your home with the use of creative lighting, staging, and post production editing. Compare a single exposure photo to a finalized image by dragging the slider.

Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Visual Marketing?